September 10-13, 2023

Move by move,
we cultivate a culture of intellect

Chess Tournament

The official sports program of the Eastern Economic Forum

EEF Cup 2023: What It Will Be Like

The intellectual program of the Eastern Economic Forum traditionally consists of three segments: sports, business, and cultural. The program invites participation from global chess stars, athletes from the Far East, residents of Vladivostok city, EEF guests, and television viewers across the country.

The International Chess Tournament for the EEF Cup is a significant celebration for intellectuals and a powerful systematic event aimed at cultivating intellectual culture in the Far East.

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The EEF Cup 2023


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The program on Russky Island

Interactive Tournament Broadcast

September 10-14, 2023
Business Lounge for Negotiations and Chess Games

*Time and date to be confirmed
*Time and date to be confirmed
*Time and date to be confirmed
*Time and date to be confirmed

The program in Vladivostok

September, 8 from 15:00
with  grandmaster Vladislav Artemiev

Children up to 18 years old can participate. Limited number of seats
September, 9 14:00-18:00

The winners will receive valuable gifts, and   also trips to  events with  grandmasters
Opening of the VEF Cup for  citizens - photo-autograph session and super blitz with the  grandmaster
September, 10 from 13:00

The match is conducted by Vladislav Artemyev, one of the  TOP-10 Russian chess players, two-time Russian blitz champion, one of the  strongest blitz players in the  world. The grandmaster has 1 minute on the  clock for the entire game, the participant   has 5 minutes. Everyone is invited to the   grand opening, to the   game - chess players under 18 years of age who passed the selection on September 8.
Simultaneous game session with  Grandmaster and  VEF Cup commentator Alina Bivol
September, 10 from 14:30

Charming chess player plays  25 boards at the same time. Alina's opponents are selected in  tournaments on September 8 and  9
September, 11 from 12:00. Cinema Ocean

One of the  youngest grandmasters in the world, world junior champion Raunak Sadhvani and  his father Bharat Sadhvani, and  also the youngest grandmaster of Russia Volodar Murzin and  his mother. Geeks will answer all the questions of  chess players and their  parents, tell about their career and  modern possibilities of the world of chess.

Limited number of seats
September, 11 and 12 from 14:00 to 22:00
broadcast of the tournament
September, 13 from 11:00
broadcast of the superfinal

In the  chess pavilion on the  Embankment, it will be possible to  live watch the game of the main team of the VEF Cup 2023. Local chess players will comment on games in the  pavilion
Big blitz with the participation of citizens and participants of the EEF Cup
September, 13 from 15:00

Players of the EEF Cup, who completed the program on the Russian Island, play with the townspeople. Chess players who passed the selection on September 8 and 9 are invited
The EEF Cup is a grand event for intellectuals of Russia, residents of Vladivostok, guests of the economic forum, and athletes from the Far East.

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*Representative of the Far Eastern region is determined based on one of the following criteria: 1) Rapid rating as of August 15, 2023; 2) Qualifying regional tournament.
**In case of the winner's refusal, the second-place holder takes their place.
***The list of foreign participants may undergo slight changes.
****"Far East-Intellect" Club on the international online platform Lichess - a project of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "SIC "Far East-Intellect" in the online space, aimed at creating a community of Far Eastern chess players. Currently, the club has more than 2700 members.

regulations and rules

Why Are We Hosting the EEF Cup for the Second Consecutive Year?

We are convinced that the Far Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) Cup is not only one of the most vibrant and captivating events of the Far Eastern region but also holds significant practical value for both the residents of the Far East and the entire country.

First and foremost, we believe that hosting an international chess tournament within the highly publicized event like the EEF is a real opportunity to popularize chess and intellectual culture on a broader scale.

Conducting such a tournament in the Russian Far East contributes to engaging the intellectual and sports communities of the region in the national and global agendas.

We aspire to have the sporting level of the EEF Cup provide Far Eastern chess players the chance to fulfill norms for achieving sports titles. Presently, tournaments of such level are scarce in the Russian Far East, making it necessary for Far Eastern players to participate in tournaments in the western parts of the country to earn titles like grandmaster.

When envisioning the EEF Cup, we considered the necessity of establishing a complementary system of chess tournaments in the Russian Far East. This is why the winners of such Far Eastern tournaments as "Seaside Town," "Cup of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)," "Hydrostroy Cup," and the Far Eastern Championship are invited to the EEF Cup. Furthermore, the EEF Cup itself has the potential to serve as a qualifying stage for more significant competitions.

By hosting the EEF Cup, we demonstrate that the Russian Far East possesses centers of competence and organizational potential for hosting more substantial international sports and media events, even under the aegis of international organizations.

Conducting a tournament with such international representation plays a crucial role in overcoming the isolation of Russian athletes and stands as an excellent example of international sports solidarity.

The substantial prize fund makes the EEF Cup one of the much-needed chess competitions of our time. It supports the professional activity of chess players in Russia and helps prevent Russian chess players from switching sporting citizenship.

Lastly, we believe that the mention of the EEF Cup in global news agencies contributes to raising awareness about the Far Eastern region and makes it an attractive tourist destination.
Become the Driving Force of the Intellectual Community
The Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Sports-Intellectual Club 'Far East-Intellect'" is the organizer of a complex of educational, sports, and recreational projects.


An open ecosystem for the development of human capital

Become a member of the project — support the EEF Cup

ANO SIK "DV-Intellect" is a non—profit organization that exists at the expense of contributions from caring businessmen who show social responsibility.
Now the organization's account is being paid for:
  • preparation of the international tournament for the WEF Cup,
  • overhaul in the premises provided by the Mayor's Office for the placement of the chess club in Vladivostok,
  • maintenance of the leisure intellectual space on the Vladivostok embankment — the Seven Hills site, support for internal events, community development,
  • the development of the only large—scale online club of the Far East on the LiChess global platform. There are weekly tournaments for drawing of valuable and  significant prizes, and  also vouchers for talented children for   participation in   Russian competitions,
  • the launch of the program "Chess in  schools", according to which already in  In September 2023, free chess lessons will start in 10 schools in Vladivostok. 24 teachers have already received certificates of the state certificate of completion of the program of additional professional education on the basis of FEFU.
Contribution to the development of chess in the Far East is a contribution to the future. Investing in the quality of human capital. Chess, as a game, a sport, an element of leisure and interest — forms mathematical thinking skills, critical assessment, strategic and tactical planning in  youth.